Smile appears on my face because of you :)

After reading all comments that were given to my previous post, I feel even better that now I can smile happily to you all as you can see in this pic. Thank you so much for your concern about me as well as to write me comments. I am thankful of your precious ideas which had helped me to feel much better than before; moreover, I seems to have strenth to fight against the problem that I am facing now.

Well, before, Diary was what I considered to be my only bestfriend that I can share both my sadness and happiness. But now, I found many bestfriend who are not just a book but a real person that exist in my life that I can share my happiness and sadness; in addition, they can give me ideas, suggestion, and comments (as what you did to my previous post).

Thank you all again and agian :)

Anyway, to reduce stress and to refresh my mind I had dicided to have a party with my old friend at my farmland. Actually, this plan had made since last sunday(before problem getting to me) but I was about to cancel it due to the depression I got from the problem I am facing now. However, after your support and care are given I choose to have it as it had planned.

Thanks again and again for your help. You means alot to me. I know and will always remember that I am not alone and you all are with me.




  1. Oh it's a greatest gift to see ur smiley face again dude :)

  2. happy to see your smiling face again (^_^)

  3. never think u r alone. there are many thing in this world wait us to see. i am still curious in seeing things.

  4. Sometimes we can't see things until we see other things

  5. It is only when we looks very precisely at the thing then we will discovers its beauty.

  6. with me


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