New Stamp and New Digital Camera

Well, it's Tuesday already but I wanna talk about yetsterday, Monday. It was not really nice, maybe it's just a simple day yet it was kinda a better day. I did some work at last. I finished my part B, take home questions, and did some reading for my presentation. Well, lucky me that I don't have to present that evening as he wanted to have discussion and give out some works. However, it wouldn't be better as on Wednesday we still needed to present which might be a bit harder as we just got 2 short essays to write.

By the way, I just got a stamp from my friend. Hik hik... One of my friend said, what status am I to have my own stamp-name? I'm just a student lolz... Well, it's just that I like the font so decided to have one tov. It was even better when I don't have to pay for that kekeke... So nice, right? However, I did copy a book for him yet it's still cheaper than what he gave :P

Oh... one more thing, I just got my own camera. It was just like the old one that had already broke, the diff. is pixel which is a number bigger. Everything is the same even the color lolz...

Ok, that's it for now. Sth more later ;)


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