24h without electricity

Um... What did I do on that day? I can't really remember but I think it was around 1o'clock in the afternoon when I was watching TV with family, it suddenly off with no reason. That later at that moment we knew that the electricity were cut off. Ah.. it's fine. This is not the first time but well, it was actuallly the first time to have the electricity cut off for more than 2hours. I've waited, waited, and waited... still the light never come up again. It was real hot and I could do nothing, not even just to sleep :( I walked here and there, do this and that... Time was crawling... I wanted it run or fly, if possible heheheh.. It just no use though... ok, it was time to dress up for class... and I was gone and back home again... Light still out.. WHY!!!!! Who knows? It was more than 8hours by that time.

to be continue...


  1. it happen to everywhere in the town
    they need to switch off some,
    i am lucky coz i got my phone which could play mp3, Radio.. and game.

  2. what u described remind me of the time when there was no electricity, no running water, no gas in town? how could people live at that time!!! amazingly, many of young people never experience it these days. This is an era of high demand of energy, look!! many countries have already began their nuclear power generators research program, in particular in ASEAN countries.

    In the past, the big and powerful countries exploited the small to absorb their natural resources, including energy-produced resources. But, nowadays,both big and medium and including small states are getting all strong and compete each others for those resources. Will the world last soon? that still remaining without particular question.

    Can u answer my teacher?


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