How i feel

I find no word to say how I feel since all i can tell is my eyes filled with tears...



  1. Where is my smiling LPP?

  2. This is life! Nothing is for real! Everything is such a fake! That means you don't have to take thing too seriously.

    But good days and bad days in life will only make your life more tastful.

    Just go out, relax and enjoy yourself!

  3. Why ur eyes filled with tears..??.
    Why u r worry !!
    yeah.. this is music name "No worrie !!!..
    Feel lucks on your side
    (Just wanna live)
    No worries, no worries
    (Don't wanna die)
    No worries, no worries
    (Fight thought the lows)
    Say it for me, say it for me
    (And take all the highs)
    We all need somebody
    (Yeah we can sink)
    No worries, no worries
    (Or can you swim)
    No worries, no worries
    (Or walk on out)
    Say it for me, say it for me,
    (Or jump right in)
    We all need somebody

    I just know your life's gonna change
    Say it for me, say it for me
    We all need somebody

  4. Cry out more dear, so that you will get better later on. I'll be by ur side. *hugzzzzzzzzzz*

  5. true love needs tears,
    people who doesn't know how to cry doesn't have right to love somebody.

    you are not alone, maybe it's your first time to cry for somebody.

    everybody cries.

    turn another page, wait for another time. there's a time for everything.

  6. I dont agree with you Khmerbird.

    True love doesn't neccesarily need tears!

  7. Cry out load Phors!
    Then you will feel better.

    That's the way life goes on.
    Life is full of sadness and happiness.

    I always want my past to come back to me too but you know?
    "The past is just like a dream"

    I want you to think this way so that you will no longer want it anymore.When you dont want it you will slowly forget the pain (I know it's going to take some time).

    Tomorrow is a brighter day for you!

    So come on! smile! smile to show the world that you are ready accept everything your life will bring to you!


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