Dear Friends and readers,

My last two journals do trouble everybody including friends and readers.

I am terribly sorry to have made you all worried about me. And, thank you all so much for your time writing me comments, for your effort of helping me in such a situation, and for your care u got for me. I do appreciate of how you show your love towards me. I feel so special to have you all as friends. Words could never be able to show how I truly feel about your love and care.

Well, it was a long story. I don't know how to tell. I just know it was all my mistake. Ok, I'd better make is short and clear:I and HIM didn't break up, and that will never ever gonna happen as well.

By the way,
I'm sorry and thank you all again and again ...



  1. Life is not always beautiful but that only makes it tastful. That's great to hear that everything is FINE!

  2. Hi Phors..I am just a bypasser...the photos in your blog help to reduce my homesick and remind me tons of memories and somewhat I have experienced 7 years ago with my friends in my lovely RUPP...I skip your personal affair, but I really enjoy to see ppl in the photos..
    Really appreciate your work and keep going....

    A man who is far far away from Srok Khmer

  3. Thanks so much pha :) meet someday, btw?

  4. yr pix and profile intested me so much... yr pic seem like a fashion show or ummmm...cum lolz


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