[...] so we just had dinner under the light of the candle... after that we, me and my family, including my korean fr, decided to play rock, scisor, and paper. the loser will have to sing. hehehhe... it was fun. everyone lost, except my twin sis. She just really good at this game hehehe... however, she still sang since we asked her to hehehe.. so that's all... it's time to go up to our room. Hum... usually, i online and do stuff with computer but now, no more electricity then wat to do? My sis came to sleep with me in my room that night. Well, it was great to have a companion hehehe... but what bad was the weather... It was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOTtttttttttttttttttttt and there seem to be lots of mosquito... I wonder where it came from... I never see one before. It was a bad sleep ever lolz... ok, all in all.. no electricity no life :(


  1. rock scissor & paper is the most well-known game around the globe,isnt it?

    Talking about hot weather without electricity at night in the capital, that would be a good chance learn to live in natural way. Dont u think u can sleep early? cos no TV, no PC, good 4 your health, though. Congratulation!

  2. Hey the game is called "Paper scissor stone" Not rock :P hehehe There is no rhythm to that rock at all when you read the whole phrase...hehehe

  3. Happy Khmere New Year!
    I wish you success in your study and your future plan.
    May the coming Khmere New Year bring you more beauty...

    Enjoy the coming New Year event.

  4. Happy New Year, Samphors!



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