It's time to let go

It was a real nice time for the past two years we've been together and it was a great memory that I would never forget. I've felt every kind of feeling within those time. Though we hadn't actually spent much time together physically I feel we are so close for more than a word "boyfriend and girlfriend" could ever means. I define it simple and it means simple. Yet there's nothing means more than just this simple meaning.

I could not make it better. I'm not capable enough to cope with all the difficulties and I can no longer hold on. It was a matter of fact that it's time to let go...



  1. This is teenager's life. Nothing is for real. Everything is experimenting.

  2. Sorry to hear dat my dear friend. I won't be able to help in anyway in such problem... But one suggestion from me: "NEVER START RELATIONSHIP WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE!"

  3. Did you break up with him?

  4. it's not clear in your writting,
    mean inside you as well there's something not clear.

    you like his present why can't you stay with him longer? are you afraid of what will happen?

    it doesn't matter what you name the relation but what cost the most is how you feel, the way you two care for each other.

    i don't know, i am not clear what you mentioned,

    but listen to your heart, think twice before you let it go.


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