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Well, tonight, don't feel sleepy so just go through every profile on the net. Finally, came up to one blog which had a title 'The song of the day'. Feel interested and decided to check it out. Guess what's it? Hehehe... quite funny, cos it's VN song. But it sounds nice to me, though I don't know the language hahhaa... try it if you wanna know why i say it's nice hehehe... ;)


  1. Wow vn song!!!!whoes blog is it ,excuse me?.....some of them are derived from korean songs so they a so sweet...i like them...too

  2. As far as I know, VN songs r very sweet and meaningful... I like them too :)

  3. As far as I know, VN songs r very sweet and meaningful... I like them too :)

  4. Wow............... you are beautiful girl, do you have boyfriend? can i be your...... ?

  5. do you know the title of this song or not ?cos i want to hear too.
    yes many vn song is from korean's song. i think Daravuth like korean's song alot and also vn song cos he is a romantic man
    bye ...

  6. Do anyone know how to copy this sweet song to my Nano Ipod ? i tried many time but ..... useless.... it is really sweet.... first time for me listening to VN song.

    Tell me the instruction to transfer it to my Ipod please for me listening in metro going to university.

    Poor student

  7. I know how to get it. If you want, please ask me. I can save it in mp3 file.

  8. Hey anonymous, you told me the way how t o transfer the VN music to Ipod ..... tell me how to do it ?


  9. Nano Ipod for sell:

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  10. To anonymous: To the one who told me that he/she knew how to transfer VN music to Ipod. Ok, please tell me ..... or you can save it to your MP3 and send to me by mail:

    I would appreciate your help.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Adios amigos,

  11. Actually, i don't like vn songs but not at all, some of them are so meaningful.


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