How to reduce stress?

Yesterday, I feel so stress and bored. There's a reason but I'm not gonna tell what it is lolz... Well, I didn't really know how to make myself feel better so I just went out to have a drink with friend (i'm invited, actually hehehe...). I felt a little better after that. Thanks to my friend lolz... however, i felt bad again when it was time to go to school. and later worse, cos of that two boring and sleepy session lolz... so yeah, after class i called my friend to eat out and go shopping. I ate and talked, ate and talked till full, then went shopping. i looked here and there. buy this and that... oh... i just bought a new shirt. it was a nice one for me, not to others, i know. cos it looks very simple. guess wat ppl said when i buy it? there was someone saying, oh.. just a shirt like that cost 18$ de? so funny, rite? i love it and was very attracted when i first saw it and was not allowed to buy... and finally, my wish comes true, and hear such a word. yab ta mong lolz.... i still love it though. will take and post pic in here once i wear it hehehe.... anyway, after spending, i feel much better. and more when i drive home, i speed up as fast as i could which was 80km/h... hehe... a little fast in town lolz.. and yeah, i feel good. totally happy now lolz.... i just realize that i can reduce my stress with spending and racing car hahaha...

sorry, this is not a good writing cos i just write wat i remember only hahaha.... lazy to organize nass.... hehehhehehe

and so... that's it :D


  1. 18$ for one T-shirt that fits us the best is not expensive, but 18$ for one T-shirt that we buy it just to kill our stress must be expensive heuv....


  2. Totally agree with Annonymous! :)


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