Joeng-Min Departure

[forgot her name] my sis, me, Joeng-Min, twin sis, korean fr, cousin

Time flies. It seems like yesterday that Joeng-Min came to stay at my home as one of the member in the family. She's the first for us to be her host family. She's cute and lovely. We all love her alot. Though it was a short time only that she stay at our house yet we still hang out and had fun with each other at any time we can when she already moved. 2years passed and it's time for her to go. I couldn't really believe that today will comes this soon. Time can no longer wait and that's the last time I can see her.

"see you in korea" she said with hope.


  1. A heart-warming story you have

  2. wow i didn't know u passed by the airport...

    it's good to do the host family or home stay...

    my family used to do the homestay for japanese volenteer as well..


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