Finally be posted

This is my countless times that I've try to post this pic.. and I kinda have no more feeling to write a description about this.. but yeah, it was taken since my hair, my shirt and my bag was new.... not they seem to be alittle loosing color hahahah... but really, i love the shirt and the bag alot.. not only because it look nice or the brandname of its but more because they are gift from my beloved brother n sis in-law hehehe...


  1. uhmmm, good looking....

  2. congratulations for having managed to post it finally hehehhe... Nice shot dear!

  3. Nice shot.....
    Look very natural :-D

  4. Thanks yan, my dear :)

    and thanks to anonymous 1 and 2 hahahaa....

  5. Good silluette! Wonder how often young cambodian ladies now do make up ?

  6. oOps!!! negative meaning? i din make up in that pic lolz..


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