1st Anniversary

Bang Phy & His lovely wife

Lovely, ain't they? Hehehe... Kinda so envy dol heuy when seeing them being nice to each other infront of us lolz... Oh... you know what? It was just last year sors that I attend their wedd. now I again being a witness of their love for one year passed hehehe...
Tell you one funny and ashame thing tov chos. Last year today, I joined their wedd. I enjoyed and then it's time to go home. I left. When I was home, I realize that I forgot to er... jorng dei (don't know what's it in Eng.) And so I phone my BF to do it for me. So funny, right? Eat and go home hahahaa... And today, this year, I join their anniversary. I don't have anything for them at all. I just go and eat hahhaa... so bad, rite? Actually, I planned to buy them flowers but I just kinda lazy to go and buy hehehe.. and what's even more than that, I didn't even write a wishing card hahaha... WORST ta morng lolz....


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