Bang Tourt's Sis' Wedding

S.o I don't know and Bang Leak, She's still shot me with that beautiful and cheerful smile lolz...

You can't tell, they are all brother and sister hahahaha...

I'll also be in the pic, if I were there ^_^

This is wedding lah.

Lok bang and Nak bang, nov ta sa-art adel.

The 3 bestfriends forever!

Sis in law, Bang Vy and Bang Vy hahaha...

Lots of fun on the dancing floor

Geez.. lots of beautiful ladies in this wedding

I guess they love the stage and never wanna go down already hehehe...

Touch, Bang Peth, Elen, and Bang Mey
Oh... cousin. My little cosin is so grown up now. And esp. to be very beautiful like her cousin jeng hahahahhahahaha...


  1. Right, we enjoyed the wedding a lot.

  2. Seeing all these pixs, i really want to go back home as soon as i can. i want everything there. oh, my Cambodian people are very beautiful and full of smiling face. there are dishes of food. Nostalgia nas!!! Chang nham der nas. Poor me, Ricky. Pov and Nina, enjoy your time. have a nice day. with miss.


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