Let's make a diff

I think I've drafted it out somewhere before but now I do it again. It probably is a little different or quite the same; anyway, here it goes:

My 2008 New Year Resolution
1. Be more caring (I've been acting like a jerk previously and probably now might still be the same but it's about to change lolz...)
2. Be punctual (tired of the word "you're late!")
3. Be tempted (a quick tempered kinda person; it's hard to work if I'm still so)
4. Be well-planed (had wasted so much time and always come up with a sudden act; finally, result in disappointment)
Last but not least,
5. Have a proper sleep and eating routine (Worry about me no more, for everybody; esp my children - only if i were to have one hehehe...)


  1. the last wish is the most important. i know that health is number one. people getting old quickly because of no enough sleep, or sleep again the nature, or eat again the nature. i mean not the right time. so if people want to stay beautiful or be more beautiful, Point number 5 is the best for all. i mean you are now beautiful na. with care from Ricky

  2. hahaha Ricky! anyway, that's such a funny resolution.


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