Her Engagement

Just a little description, she's my twin sis in name hehe... We've studied next door together 4 years, but known one another only after we went to ELBBL course. By then, we've become closefriend with all NGB. Of all the time, she chose to get engage when I'm away. How sad :( But very happy to see her picture hehehe... She looks so beautiful, isn't she? Now, I miss her dearly lolz...

The Queen of laughter is smiling to her ... lolz....

Her whole family

(but where are those cute and nasty dogs??? hahahaa... J/K)

Ah... so lovely together!

It would be lots of fun if I were to be there on her special day.


  1. yeah, you are right Pov. very beautiful. is there copy right for these pictures? som copy tver presentation ban orb ber chambach. to show other countries that yeah, this is Cambodian smorsh. Ricky

  2. hahaha... wait hieng, i'll email to ask her lolz... bet she'd say ok hahahaha...

  3. Yes, u r right ah tom. OK! na jas. Nis jonh york tove tver kor tver tove , som oy ter kom york tove bit dob teak sa eiv ahhahaha


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