Pisal & Narin

I think this is Saut Mon

The groom is ready to see his beautiful bride


The lovely couple

With their parents

Just another wedding that I've missed. Too bad, I was there when their love first grow but not to witness how they finally going to live happily ever after lolz... Narin, you are so lucky man! Pisal is my friend whom has always been known as the best in everything. I mean, not only her degree, but friends and love, she's such an understanding girl, well-planned, and lots more lah...
Pisal and Narin
( v )


  1. you are totally right, TOM. she is great. i remember her great idea. she said you cannot love the perfect person, but you can love that person perfectly. she is right, because no one is perfect. therefore, care, understanding, romance, truth, confidence, and belief are the points to love someones perfectly. love is like the wind. i mean we cannot see or touch it, but we feel it. although we are away from the one we love, it doesn't mean we are not there. yeah, congratulation to Pisan and Narin, and wish them happy forever and ever.Ricky

  2. Hey Chhunhieng, I also remember that words of her. hehe... so meaningful.
    Once again, congrats to them and wish them a lovely couple life. :)

  3. that's Pisal not Pisan te na, Chhunhieng!


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