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We'd been waiting to see who's that going to join us in our family for months. Now she finally show herself to the world. Hooray!!!! Here comes my other beautiful cousin ^_^ I wish I could give a big sloppy kiss hehehe...

Ah oun and her mama (aunty)


  1. Congrats! Well, lots of girls in your family, it seems to me. In mine, lots of boys. Of all my little cousins and nieces and nephews in Cambodia alone (11 in total), only 4 are girls. One of my uncle has had three sons with no daughter. My bro also has had two sons with no daughter--two handsome ones though a lil cheeky. Haa... That said, i am kinda missing them now. Ha...

  2. Bang Phy ha! Reap rop ma les? lolz!

    Okay, the girl is just so cute just like her big cousins. lolz

  3. yeah yeah...da gal is soooo cute n gonna sooooo sweet just like her cousin man ning


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