One of my satisfactions during my last trip home is this. It took me like 3 days to finish everything. And that was with the support of Nak, Touch, and Lena. Finally, I have set a mark on my Mum's and Dad's wall *SMILE*

Me with Alice and Belle

Alice in Wonderland is now wondering around my house hehe...
This is with the support from Nak. Find the ugly part and you'll find his part haha..
Oops! Tha leng ta, honey!

Lena drew this picture.
Touch lined up everything and painted the dress.
And I finished her with the hair.


Phossdey said…
Oh yeah!!!!! now, next mission is to pain Aurora for me! kekekekeke okay?
Phossdey said…
How about doing both at the same time? hehehehe
Barbie said…
OH MY GOD! Sooooo lovely! <3 Alice in Wonderland, and Princess Belle! but hey, what's wrong to her face? She looks abit hmm... :-S
Svetlena said…
Pretty Work!!
Thx sisters!!!
Sorry I cant finish my
Can only draw...But still better then hv nth on the wall :D kekekke
So when ll Cinderella n Aurora come? Belle is waiting :P