Bad Girl #_#

Have I been bad to everyone this year? Or is Santa exist no more? Probably, his little helper, Mr.elf just lost my name s.w in the bad kid book Or else...

Ta Da!!!!
A package for me!!!!
Mr. Postman had almost given up after not being able to woke me up from the deep and sound sleep this morning hehe... But I know I wouldn't wanna go to pick it when I can actually receive it at home. So here it is:
Thanks DomDey!!! You saved me! I am not the bad girl!!!!! Hooray!!!!

After looking at the gift, do you know what that is? I have one with me too. It's a phone holder. But look, I have only one phone. Now I have two holders. Should I get a another one to have this holder hold on or should the next phone be my gift????

Now I miss being home even more. I know who to beg for gift. And I'm sure I'll get one or two [devil laugh]. But.... Anyway, New Year is not over yet. If you know what I mean haha...


  1. hahahaha devil laugh. Right, it's easier to get present back at home. lolzzz


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