Cold II (Cold The Second)

I arrived since the day before yesterday. The morning was cold and I had to push and pull the 23Kg luggage alone. I am not complaning for after all, this is what I wanted to do. Not when I was doing the job along the street though. Never mind, I was glad when I made it home. I suddenly felt terrible. I knew I have to take care of myself or else I'd fall sick. Sick in winter was not easy, I could still remember my one week cold in Feb, early this year.I've eaten porridge since my arrival, except yesterday lunch. I couldn't resist the delicated food my friend cook. After that, I had porridge till today. It feels good to take care of myself. I turn this 500Yen heater, which I bought last year on Bazaa, on all the time. Though I knew it would cost me big yen on my next month electronic bill, I need to be strong during this cold winter. Don't you agree?

Winter is here. I missed fall. I'm not sad. After all, the good thing never come twice. There are very few leaves left on the tree. They are yellow. The green is not to be mentioned here. The tree might feel terrible, the human has no different despite the fact that we got heater while the tree doesn't. Sorry about that, tree.

Now, the battle is about to begin. I am warming up with writing blog. Hopefully, it help in some way. Pray for me. Sathoub!


  1. I am feeling sort on my throat, sis. Pray that I don't get sick, too coz I don't have no one to cook the porridge like you do. kkekekekeke

  2. Get sick before you leave Sg or never be sick at all, sis! Haha..

  3. Sathoub! i wish you all the best and success na. sou sou sou! I agree that you need to be strong na! there are a lot of fun to enjoy here, i guess. today is gift na, that is why it is called present. oh, if the trees know that there is a kind you human being , TOM, mentioned about them, how happy they are! how warm they have! Take good care na! Ricky

  4. Duh! I mean sore!! lolzzzzzzzzzzz Anyway, I am leaving tonight. No more chance. :( lolzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. Hey just heard yr twin got engaged. When will get good news from u...? Hope soon ha...

  6. hope u get better now :)
    *Another big hug for u*
    was give bongtouch one :P


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