Ideal Closet

I'm pretty bored with my blog recently. I know writing emotional stuff won't work; well, no longer effective. So I was thinking of doing sth interesting which I've never found one. Now, I only found what interest me. Like well, here you go...

Kiddon Closet

Another Kiddo Closet

Here's the lady's Closet

It's getting more interesting

This is beautiful!!!


Now only if I got this one, I wouldn't throw away any crappies shoes I bought haha... at least, they display the view. Amazing eh???

Alright, here are a few more from celebrities


My Closet :D


  1. Love the pic number 5,6,7 :) lol
    The 5th look simple
    The 6th look formal
    The 7th, Geez! How many feet do we normally have? lol, look like a shoes store :D

  2. This is really interesting. Love it a lot. We definitely need that type of closets. hahahahaha

  3. I don't mind having a shoes store at home, elen!

    Sis, trov heuy lolz...

    Sopha, long time no see.


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