Since I last went to Osu, I've never been out of my Mansion (Omura) hehe.. Tonight, after the meeting, I and my girls went for Ramen. I was craving for it. Yum yum... so here you go, my dinner, Ramen ^_^

Extra meat for meat lover

Not a spicy one but super delicous...
with extra egg too hehe..


  1. I do miss Japanese ramen. The raman at a shop in Sakae that Panha took me to 6 years ago was the most delectable ramen I have ever had. Wonder if I ever have chance to be there again. hahha

  2. Oh, poor me. i never go out for the delicious food at all now. i am saving for ... just in case impossible is possible. i better go out and try different dish sometimes to enrich my life taste. call me pong, next time, ok!

  3. Bang Phal: Come to Nagoya and I'll bring you there again hehe..

    R: Will sure do, keep your phone in hand hehe...

    Yeng: Yep yep. love lil' turtle... Kaun Onderk haha..

    Touch: Come again, will you???

  4. lol,, wat else i should say?
    Its look kinda nice to try :)


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