Christmas - Nagoya Station

Today, I woke up late as usual but I somehow managed to dress up for SHOPPING!!! Never get tired of it just like all the girl lolz... Also, I did take a few shot on my way. It's not the best but just wanna share since Christmas this year seems to have taken attention from many people. So yeh, I just included myself in. Enjoy the unprofessional pic haha..

This is what I love most about the decoration in Takashimaya

This year, she wears pant hehe...
(Due to my poor English, I don't know what she is wearing is called. Sorry ne!)

Just wanna post a picture of ME~* hehe..


  1. wow sexy lady in red! aren't you cold in that short, babe??? lolzzzzzzzzz They are pretty decoration!

  2. Lovely decoration!
    And Love the way u dress SIS!!!!


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