Birthday Party

Not to change the habit, I once again share the joy here ^_^ Come along!

Birthday Boy, Bang PHY

With the cake

Happy Birthday!!!

My piece :D


Take pic moy sin (Mean nak chleat pi kroy teat hehe...)


Chiv Chiv hehe...

Eggs fried by Bang MormMuon

Sauce made by Kanha

Ta da!!!!
Lort Cha, my one of the fav. ^_^

Tom Yum cooked by Kanharith

Tea is one of the 9 kinds of drink :D

You know what that is, don't you?
Num Dong Kov, brought from home by Bang Pheara

Cucumber and bak yong

Strawberry and Kiwi

Soft cake topping with ice-cream
These 3 are prepared by Bang HUN



Sth I don't know

Had a really great time eating, drinking, talking, playing, and staying up late hahaha...


  1. Foods are excellent! Games look so much fun. Bang Phy looks younger! Sey sey sa-art sa-art! kekekeke

  2. oh oh,,,how come i don't know my bro-like friend b'day!!!!
    Happy belated B'day.
    It must be a wonderful b'day u've got there. (".)

    Thks Samphors for posting this.

  3. look fun until the last picture!! haha.. look like it's in a maths club or sth! haha

  4. fun :D
    Happy Birthday to Birthday

    And the game in the last pic called Marjagn right? not sure...but should be that one :D

  5. I donno what's the game called. It sure is headache like math lolz...


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