Psychological Test

Ice cream is one of the worl's most popular desserts. Even when the weather is cool, people may still enjoy having ice crea. Ice cream comes in many different flavors, and some of them are imported from other countries. Which flavor would you like to have?

A. Bean Curd Flavor
B. Blueberry Flavor
C. Mustard Flavor
D. Double Chocolate Flavor

A. Bean Curd Flavor
You are friendly and people feel comfortable around you. Because you are amiable, your friends enjoy your company and alwys like to go out with you. However, you also think highly of yourself and you don't like it when people look down on you.

B. Blueberry Flavor
Yearn the past
You are a person with sensitive feelings so you get hurt easily and often lose your temper over minors matters. However, you are also a good firend, and try to help your friends in need whenever you can. You often dwell in your past and enjoy daydreaming aobut some of the happy events in your life.

D. Mustard Flavor
Hight responsibility
You are confident of your judgment and management ability. In addition to that, you are very responsible and enjoy facing challenges. These traits make you a natural leader.

D. Double Chocolate Flavor
You love peace and quiet and would try to prevent any conflict or disagreement. Sometimes, you would give-in to certain issues or make compromises just to avoide conflict. Hoever, you will not give away or make compromises if these situations would make you go against your principles.


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