Floating Ice Cream

I always order this drink whenever I go to T&C in Cambodia. But I never found this drink anywhere around here until today. So this is special drink from Subway not 地下鉄 (duh!).


  1. it is from Subway? what is the Japanese characters means? wow, you learn Japanese. cool! oh, it looks like Coke!

  2. Sis: I also had Tuna Sandwitch. It is best. Try it! I love it and I think I will drop by there sometimes when I am bored hehe...

    Oh R, I checked dictionary phorng, checked our Japanese TextBook phorng just to get one word type in here hahahaha... And hey, it is coke. Very good one. Wanna try sometimes?

  3. Believe it or not, I had worked at Mcdonalds facing Subway for about one year, but I had never set my feet into Subway. So I still have not idea how it taste haha.


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