Final Sale

Yay!!! Weekend again!!! (Er.. why am I so happy about it? It's not that I have to go for any class every weekday or whatever). So... woke up at 8, had breakfast, dressed up for the day, and ther we went...

Us, infront of Central Library. Well, let's get in there some other time. Now let's get going for some serious business lolz...

Just another shot underground waiting for the train to bring us to our awaiting destnation.

Was too busy being happy with the news we had discovered in the sign that says the final sale is untill Feb 1, we just then didn't notice getting on a wrong direction train. Well, not until we see the light. So that was where we got off to get back on the right track.

Arrived at the spot and took a shot. This could be the first picture while shopping here. Hum... if my memory is still good, this gotta be the first lolz...

Holding the other two's stuff only. I was abused but look so happy. What the heck has gone wrong with me?

Another shot in another shop. The lady behind my back look so happy when she knew we don't speak Japanese. Damn it! I just gave you a wrong information lolz...

Waiting for the other one. You ought to know who. If not, you are such an ignorance haha...

oOps! I think I just lost my allowance. Now I have 17days of starvation. Await for my super slim picture after a serious diet caused by my own poverty lolz...


  1. wow, that is nice day for you all. great to hang around by buy final sale staff. yeah, will you be slim after a serious diet because of ... ? ehe, you make me smile ne.

  2. Wow! A new look, sis. New bag, too. Hmm ... and that shirt you're wearing ... Hair is totally gorgeous. What's else?? I wanna see what's inside the bags. kekekkee

  3. R, is the post funny?

    Sis, I really think your memo has lost somewhere. The bag was bought at home with you. And those inside, you wouldn't wanna know.

  4. Is that supposed to be "A man will pay $20 for a $10 item he needs. A woman will pay $10 for a $20 item that she doesn't need"? Lolz.

  5. yo! shoot!!! I was dreaming shopping in it's gone! yab men...whatever! as long as i can meet u guys there, it's perfect hery :) CAN't wait te!

  6. You got a very costly hobby. ^0^, very nice hairdo, by the way.

  7. Bang Nang: In my case, I paid 10$ for a 20$ item that I need :P hehe...

    Rath: Come fast. Spring sale will be here again soon haha...

    Bang Phal: Not just me but all the girl's hobby :D Thanks, btw.

  8. You make me smile while i see you all happy and smiling in the post here. look at you and Kanha and CHEAT, you all smiling and gorgeous! Yeah, i smiling na. oh, you also make me dying of hunger when i see your .... down here. hahahaha


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