...Rolls-Royce Drophead Coupe

I don't remember being addicted to anything like this before. I spent my entire 2 days and 2 nights typing and typing and typing and typing... just to get this baby Rolls-royce Drophead Coupe. My hand gone numb and my finger are hurt, my body aches everywhere and I need a REAL GOOD rest. Just to make it clear, it's a Typing Race in Facebook hehe... Now I hope you understand the below descriptioin.

Tests Taken: 610
Top Speed: 87 wpm (word per minute, rite?)
Top Speed Percentile: 85.3%
Median Speed: 58 wpm
Average Rank*: 2.88
Median Rank*: 3
Lifetime Earnings: $487,420
Current Savings: $80,420


  1. although i prefer red one, but i have to admit that it is cool. the color is similar to the previous car, if i am not wrong. but i like it more than the previous one. it is cool. but i don't understand your description. poor me!

  2. oh my,, last time i chat wit u, u was planning to win the game to get this pic....lolzzz

  3. oh no.. not this pic. it is in the race ta hehe....

  4. If i remember correctly, there are two gentlemen in Cambodia who own this car, you are planning to be the third person?

  5. I hope they would wait and let me be the third hehehehe...


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