Picture in words

I am sitting on this uncomfortable brown cushion in Central Library. I frown and am biting my lips (the usual habit when some sort of idea is forming in my head). My fingers are moving endlessly on the keyboard (how I miss the typing race in facebook) of my HP Mini which I have bought early this year. The light above the desk is on. The button is at the below right of the lamp. Under that, there lays my scarf, Fendi, and the wallet, a gift from my beloved boyfriend for my 22 birthday, is just about 10cm away, moving back to my position. In front of me, there is this little note book, Sakura printed in hard cover; it is given by Bang Hun who has brought me as a souvenir from the Prison of Nagoya. Inside it, my blue pen, which I have brought from Cambodia which was bought from IBC, stucks in about 1/5 of the page. Next to it, moving upward to my 10’ Black HP, a picture of me is attached to the plastic card called, Student ID. The attractive part is its red stamp on the very bottom right corner. It is getting cold. The clock says 7.38PM. I have been here for about 30mns only but this purple shirt that I got since winter last year doesn’t keep me warm enough. So I try to look for some stuff in my purple bag, VNC; my favorite that I got from Cambodia, which is lying on the near desk on my left hand. There is nothing I can find beside a box of Vanezuela Bitter Chocolate (yum!), Make Up Kit (I am a grown up now *wink*), and gloves (purple leather). I move my eyes further, but now out of the bag, and found the almost empty coffee mug, Pink Afternoon Tea, a gift from Kanha since summer last year. iDevil, which is sleeping in between the mug and my 3months old PC, doesn’t scare me, instead, I enjoy looking at it (blink blink). The black silicone horn (this is iDevil >:)) is covered by Stitch little bag, which costs me just 105Yen (including tax), that keeps Red and black in color Micky USB in. The zip is close, by the way. Disappointed (because I can’t find anything to use to cover the coldness), I push back on the back of the wooden chair. Ouch! That’s a button of my coat!

***Sorry for my bad english. I am trying to write again ^_^***


  1. Sounds pretty good already. I feel like a shopaholic has written that. lolzzzzzzzz

  2. Didn't notice it when writing haha... So, what picture can you see?


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