"Noon nap makes me dream of u. It's just like a complicated dream but there is u in my dream. Miss u own map..."

My bro sent me this SMS. It is not strange to have a brother sent his sister a miss but it is unusual for him to write something sweet to me. Not that he does not love me, it is just he does not always show it.

There are more from my sisters, big bro, and mum. Looks like many people dreamt about me recently. Is it time for me to really start doing something? Hum... Still have the problem of not having the problem [sigh]


  1. Oh, I am jealous! lolzzzzz This is spectacular to get such sms form him!

  2. Yeah, that's why I just gotta have it in blog lolz...

  3. very sweet maen! and i dont have problem too, that is my problem now.


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