A day after Friday 13

Hehehe... I find it hard to get a title now. So, don't be surprise when the content is another story lolz...

I've became a homie girl now. Been blocked in the house for two whole days. Of course, not for reading, and yes, I haven't read a word. Stuck! [...] Hungry and sleepy is all I feel at the moment. So I spent my time on bed and wake up when my stomach crumble.

Btw, this is my today manu.

Easily be done and yeah!!! Bread!!! So I just pulled those left over veg. and newly bought meat out of the fridge and dumped them into the bread. Sauced it with tomato sauce and mayonnaise. Then tada!!!

S Cake
Because the cream I bought is going to expire tmr, I have to use it today. So, don't ask me for another why out of a sudden, the cake is here lolz...
So self-center, S in the middle of the Cake haha...


  1. Oh yeah, sure. Wait till my right hand comes back to normal first though lolz...

  2. nice cake here!! Can I take this cake? Coz my name also S...lol

    anyway, sth wrong wit ur right hand?

  3. You better open a cafe here after coming back. Give me a special discount and I will frequent it. hahaha

  4. I manually whipped the cream --> Jok Dai lolz...

    Bang phal, I am thinking of opening one now haha... get ready tov lolz...


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