Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Changes in the amounts of Scholarship

Dear MEXT Scholors,

Hello. This is Int'l student help desk (1st floor of BUNKEI-SOUGOUKAN).
This mail is about the schedule of MEXT Scholarship Confirmation Signature 2009.
Unless in exceptional circumstances, you should sign by the first deadline.
If you fail to meet either deadline, the stipend for the month will not be deposited regardless of circumstances. No exception accepted.

And MEXT has announced changes to monthly scholarship stipends.(See attached file"Changes in the amounts of Scholarship".)
These changes affect all Japanese Government Scholarship Students regardless oftheir starting year.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Sincerely yours,


2009年4月から1年間の国費奨学金サインのスケジュールを添付ファイル("Scholarship Schedule")のとおり送ります。

また、文部科学省から、奨学金月額の改定のお知らせがありました(添付の"Changes inthe amounts of Scholarship"参照)


How could you do this to me???