Let's tour around Yokohama

This is my first time visiting Yokohama. I was captured by its beautiful scene and amazing breezy air. Love the smell of the sea and the mixture view of nature and skyscraper. Let's tour around with our star from Nagoya!

Entering into the beautiful world

Bang Pheara
Walking along

The Sea and that thing behind I don't know what to call

Bang Mom & Bang Veara
Going further on the wooden floor

View of the city

View of the bridge

Bang Phy
Twilight haha..

Look at the building, not him lolz...

Bye Bye!

Extra Random Shot
Flower Garden 2009

Forgot the name. Municipal, I guess.

This is it!


  1. Love all pic~ Sis^^
    Nice view! U had a great time neh?

  2. Yahee! Tou got to be on the top that must be the best shot of all ... I could not recognize our Ricky with his new hair style! Yeng looks different and lovely! You are kawaii, sis! kekekee

  3. Yeah, I had a great time. Wanna join elen oun?

    Sis, heard it too often now. Does it really mean the way it is or just you don't know what else to say? :P And Tou on top because it was taken at the entrance and the rest follow by the path we walked. Our star is unique in their own way. Ot mean ey best te nov nis nos :P

  4. Hi LPP,

    M one of ur blog reader. In this post i saw the pic of my fr, bang Kunthav (bang Mom) if m not wrong. Don't no that she's there now. Pls send my regards to her.
    Thk very much.



  5. wow,,y samphy becomes like this????

  6. Will do, Monica.

    What do you think, TD? :P

  7. Y Samphy becomes ចចកមុខគុជ, in twilight, his white face and his hairstyle. cool man! oh, POV, i don't recognize myself too. your sister's skill help us become unique in our own style, totally agree with you, samphors.

  8. Oh ... is Bang Phy Edward??? lolzzzzzzzz

    Chunhieng,love that hair!

    Sis, jong mech? admire ort ban hor? lolz

  9. Hehehe... mean na, sis. Sor ser teat tov. Just blush ta pun ning lolz...

  10. Samphy's hair looks so funny to me! Never seen him in such a so messy long hair yang nis te.


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