Bee on stage

Date: March 08, 2009
Location: ISPP

Bee is my niece. She is now 6 going on 7. She used to play piano with me when she was around 2 or 3. I didn't know she would go on stage playing piano at all. I know, this is not the best of all but I am proud she made it through after 6 lessons. The teacher said she's got a gift from nature but is a little too Ja Lerm lolz... Well, just again, I'm proud to see her play well at this age. Hopefully, she would keep going and keep it at least as a hobby.


  1. wow! she makes me feel proud of her. at her age, she can go on stage and play music. wow!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. wow. she is on the right track! that's BEE!


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