It was not easy to hold back the overwhelming emotion that was runnig wild. It almost burst out without my permission. But thank you, you weren't here that long to see my pain reveal. Don't blam me for being who I now am to you. Don't yell at me that I didn't warn you. Don't show me that disappointment seeing what I did just now. You know you were the first who walked away and left my heart behind. It hurts, I am telling you, it does hurt alot. I was forgotten. I was not invited to your life. I misunderstood your first intention and moved ahead further. The door was locked that was then, I took the hint and withdrew all I had given. It was not your fault; neither mine. I was alone embarrased with that little kind thought I call mine. But it didn't matter. It has become the past and believe me, there'll be no repetition.