May Gift

The door bell rang and I expected Kanha to appear. Instead, I found Mr.Postman at the door. Seeing the box, I knew exactly who sent me. However, there is still a surprise inside.

Thanks Vic for such a nice bracelet. I LOVE it!

Sis, sometimes I feel like I haunt you everywhere you go but I am glad, you love having me there with you. Thanks for the post card and the night gown. Loving it, as always!


  1. Gezzz you captured that bracelet so nice!

    Anyway, enjoy the night gown! I don't mind you haunting me ... coz I have no choice since you are my twin for the rest of this life. lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. So sweet u post it in ur blog~~
    and very happy that u like it~~
    anyway, I'll c u in Japan

  3. Touch: Because the bracelet is nice de ning na hehe... Are you trying to say, only if you could have a choice, you wouldn't choose to have me as a twin huh???

    Vic: Can't wait to have you here *BIG GRIN* Thanks again :D

  4. ohhh lolzzzzzzz no .. i did not mean that at all.... i'm trying to be funny here. IMO

  5. haha, u guys so funny a sweet way :D


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