One dark memorable night, I was thrilled given the opportunity to forward another step into your world. I could not open my little eyes for my cheek pushed up with my widely opened mouth. Though mysteriously, I was not sure how it was going to go or would there be an end of that oddly happy moment, I did not wish there would be a stop. We continuously moved on and on.

Well-read through minds, I have learned to give and accept. I appreciate every tick of second a clock made and awaiting for those yet to come. It was all happy bits of life. I had fun and for sure, that would never be forgotten or erased. Yet, not after a long while when the nature of ME~* responds no more pleasure to that joy-it-used-to-be. I dare not asking why. It's just ME~*

Honestly, I had no clue how could this ever happen. At once, I have came to a point where I could neither choose to hurt you nor myself. I am in the middle of dread little planet, an inch I stride is a pain in my cracking heart.