Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Second year in a row, I missed your birthday. How sad that is :(( Anyway, out of this little heart of mine from this spacious world with the miles apart, I am screaming:


  1. hmm.. oh pitty u nas jeng.. trom tov this the last year heuy.. next year u will be there with him

  2. Now, I know the purpose of you are taking this photo. lolz Anyway, love the design!

  3. Nice pics! You really have talent in designing.. At times, I feel you'll make a better fashion or whatsoever designer than a lawyer, dear.

  4. Koko: Yeah, for sure!
    Sis: I wasn't aware of this intention when I had you took the pic lolz...
    R: Thanks
    Pha: Thanks! I'm thinking of giving up law for sometimes. Probably, one day I will and then I will let you know hehe... But I doubt if my talent would last or if it would lead me anywhere lol


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