Pinkie Morning

It was perfect, laying warmly under the blanket while the rain kept pouring outside with a temperature of 16c. But I was disturbed by the door bell. [groaning] I answered the door and dang! [singing silently in my chest] I got the flower! I got the flower!

*muah* Love you sissee!!!
And thanks too ^_^


  1. Oh, finally! I was concerned this morning when i Talked to you and didn't hear you mentioned about it. I tried to check you blog a coupe of time to see if there's any post about it. I wanted to write more but there is word limited. kekeke love you.

  2. cuteeeeeeee :D It look Ah-dorable :D

  3. Oh i love the way Elen spells Ah-dorable ... it sounds ah-dorable. lolzzzzzzzzz

  4. Sis, you can write more here. Btw, love you too :D

  5. Oh yeah, I know that. kekekekeke ^_^


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