Happy 23rd Twin Birthday

Do you feel like going on a journey with me? Whether you like it or not, let's get going!

Sweet 16
Goodbye High School, Hello Uni!

Freshman, Yay!

Beautiful 18

We went to the same Uni, same shift and same class!

Hum... 19
We still went to the same Uni but different shift and class.

Oldie 20
A start of No.2

21 the key
We were parted for the first time but reunited on our day

22 Twinnie
From different direction but the same destination, we celebrated together once again.

Now guess what happen this year????
See it yourself!

You told me this is not sad. You told not to cry. You told me that this is going to be fine. But sis, it's not fine with me. It's not ok. It is really sad. And my heart is crying and asking why is it so? Why can't we be together today? Why am I here alone?

Being 23 doesn't make me being any older for I am crying like a child asking for the companion of my twin. With one wish, please grant me twin birthday always!



  1. Wish granted, U and ur twin will celebrate the lovely beautiful birthday with each other always..^^

  2. wahwah it's so touchyyyyyyyyyyyy my tears keep falling down heuy :(( wahwah. anywayur sweet sixteen i thought it's me actually it's amab Tom Sus lolzzz. Happy bday amab somlanh jet tang pi!!! love u always!!!

  3. Yeah, it's like a journey. You've moved from little girls to big girls now. :)

    I'm sure your wish will be granted as you love each other jing. :)

  4. Your wish will be realized! Happy Birthday to both of you--Touch and Tom *_*

  5. You look no different from high skul until now. anyway, which of you is the older? hehe

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Tom. A lot of people celebrate for you, they wish you best luck even you don't hear it in person. 8-)

  7. Sis, this is so beautiful but you made me cry at the end of the post. :(

  8. The elder you both get, the prettier U become. Love the pics. But you made her cry :P hhehhe emotional Touch Touch!

  9. Nice birthday card on the last graphic card, Phors.
    Happy Birthday :)

  10. Happy Birthday, Tom and Touch!!! All the best ne...

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  12. Nak Bang: Thanks and I love you too :*

    Liny: I am hoping so too. Will see though hehe...

    Kanha: Thanks ne! Jam merl wish ning grant min grant :P

    Icebreaker: Why no difference? I am getting OLDER, you know! And I am the elder one.

    Bang Nang: Thanks! You always know how to comfort people lolz...

    Touch Touch: I already cried while writing it haha...

    Elen: Time jis plane, that is why it flies so fast hahhaa...

    Bang Moch: Kal pi khmeng ot jess make up lolz....

    Dom: Thanks. I love your gift :)

    Yeng: Thanks :)

    Kunthy: Nice seeing you here. You are right, this separation makes us realize more how much we love one another. That makes it even sadder that we are not here together this year. Well, face the fact, it's just so. Thanks for dropping by and the wish :)

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  14. Let me wish both of you, the loveliest twin I've ever known, with all the best wishes.. May all your dreams come true. And my apologies for this belated wish.. But better late than never, right.

    Love you, girls!

  15. Lovely pictures and Happy Birthday!!!!!


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