Happy Birthday to 'Baby June' in NGO

Happy Birthday to ME~*

Thanks Yeng and Bang Hun for such a lovely cake decoration. Out of diplomacy, I do love the cake A LOT ^_^

Birthday boy and girls
Cheat, Kun, and ME~*
Happy Early Birthday to you two ^_^

! ! ! YUM YUM ! ! !

Thanks to Bang Hun, Kanharith, Bang Veara, and Piseth for the super delicious food (but spicy!!! lolz...)

**~~ $W3ET ~~**

I ate three pieces of cake. One from Cheat. One from Kun. And one from ME~*. I was almost burst out eating all of them at once haha...

Here's our cuties cuties
Thanks for your time and all


  1. Oh.. Happy Birthday to you.. is it today? as i remember it's 15th. right?

  2. NGO? I got a different meaning at first. Happy BD, though I know it is a bit early. Are you coming her for the event again this year?

  3. You're welcome. Love the very 1st pic. Nice job!!!

  4. Awww ... how much I wish I were there too! To eat cake. lolzzzzz I hope you thought of me at that time too. kekekeke

  5. Koko and bang phal, you two are right. It's still early but I don't mind saying it from now till the exact one haha....

    KoKo, thanks.

    Bang Phal, this is my saddest year. I coldn't make it home to celebrate. But luckily, I have one here with everyone hehehe...

    Yeng, thanks again :)

    Sis, you only want cake eh? Yab nas!!! I've always been thinking of you, not just that time lah...

  6. super happy birthday to you^^ i will give big hug when you're back here:)

  7. Love the cake lah!! Not gonna say happy birthday until it the right day :D kekeke

  8. Rath: jam tov dol, hug oy na ney haha...

    Elen: Jam right day ey, said bat heuy haha.. Thanks lah


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