Unplanned BD(z) Celebration

Everytime June arrives, things ain't the same again. A special month, it is. I am baby June, in case you ain't aware of it. Now you ought to understand why June is different from other months. Also, my yab bestie happen to born just 3 days after my day. This means, I'm an oldie. However, I've never been treated like one unless a favor is in need (paraphrase sot :P). Well, that doesn't matter because I do love her and of course, she does love me dearly too :D

It's a week earlier than my real day and it's 10 days earlier than her real one. Because our gentle and innocent Nhor Nhor bought us gifts, an early celebration would be special as it is to the gift and her love for us :D So here you go a few pictures to share :)

My many pictures with the gift :D

With ah Nhor, Majas Kado hehe...

3gether blur blur...

And here it is, the gift :D

Nhor Nhor: Thanks for the lovely gift and being such a cutie for all the good thoughts of yours (Can't tell what are those though hehe...). Love ya and the gift equally hehehe...

Pork: Show off heuy heuy lolz...


  1. Yeah, show off dorl kor and nice touch on da necklace... love it!

  2. Or or jes love the gift and mo jash kado equally. Anyway, though you love necklace more than me, that is also fine. I was just teasing a Pork about that...heheheh!!!


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