Yes, I was oddly surprised.

First, the parcel was opened before it was delivered to me.

Second, it's a wrong package.
The address reads mine but the inside actually is for my twin.

But luckily, there I was in name and as a bald baby girl haha...
I don't remember having no hair or putting on eyeliner when I was that little :P

Anyway, thank you sis!!! It's the thought that counts! Btw, I can't wait to go home and pick my gift haha...


  1. First, why are we bald? However, happy with pink shirt! hahahahaha

    You save the card for me. I'll save yours. Let's change when we meet! kekekeke

    It's cute, by the way. Love Nak Bang big big ... hahaha

  2. i didnt'mean to mistaken it lah, sorry a mab!! wait and see urs when a mab touch got it tov na hahaha. jess ta draw draw tov hahaha amab tom is purple but merl tov doch man purple tes.

  3. Nak bang, i know, mine doesn't look purple at all. And I guess you don't have the color. Maybe when I go home, I will get you one haha...

    Touch, I think she drew bee picture. I remember bee being bald (hahaha) and with that hair band (double haha...)

    I also love nak bang as big as i am hahahahha...

  4. No, not Bee. That's Nak Bang who completely was bald when she was a baby. Isn't that what mum said? lolzzzzzzzzzz

    I reckon Bang Tom was wrapped with flirtly pink. Nothing at all seem like purple. lolz


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