'Born to be wild'

I love it when Adam sings it. Now, the song title suits me haha... I'm not sure if it was wild enough but this morning, around 10.30 , I ran after Mr.Postman to get the gift haha... And guess wha? I could barely open my eyes at the time. With barefoot, messy hair in that sleeping suit haha... I called Mr.Postman for my stuff. So, here they are:

Thanks DOM for the thoughtful and in time gift hehe... I'll make the best use of it :D


  1. I love the part that you have to run after the postman for the gift. lolzzzzzzzz

    That's my Dom. heheehhe

  2. Hehe... I was half asleep too. If you bring him back to me and ask is this that Mr.postman? I wouldn't remember a thing about his look hahaha....

  3. hahaha that's funny, you are lucky!

  4. lol..agree wit bongtouch, it was quite funny


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