This Year Birthday

This is a special morning. My phone kept buzzing with SMS and phone calls. It feels good, seriously. Friends, family and love one are celebrating the day for me. I am blessed to have them ^_^

Well, I didn't get to wake up till 3pm. I missed class. Yes, I did. It's no surprise. I am just a typical type that would struggle to find excuses than to do the job haha... Anyway, I had lunch at 4 and set out to celebrate my day at 6.

The first thing is COFFEE. I am addicted to it now. A day without it is a day with no hope haha... So, I and my girls made our way to Phonon, the new Coffee shop in School. I had the usual one, the Creamie Chocolate with ice.

Want some?

Next is Dinner. We had burger. Since time did not allowed, we finished it within 20mns.
That's Mos Burger!
Japan Fine Burger lolz...

We were rushing for Movie, the Spirit. But we didn't forget to get popcorn and drink hehe...
At the counter but I was not buying. The two were. Hope I was not abusing my right of the day :P

Instead of taking picture with the Spirit poster, I took with Harry Potter. Can't wait till the day it release, which is next month. I'm definitely going to see it :D
Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince :)

After movie, we rushed home cos our save can't afford Taxi home haha...

Alright, that's it :D

P.S: Thanks Ah Pork and Nhor for celebrating the day with me and for me. You are such a bestie!!! Love you!


  1. Once again you are very welcome. We are happy to celebrate such a lovely birthday with you! oo

  2. Love your outfit! Love the love you got here. ^_^

  3. duh! both of u keep saying same thing! Lol!! So sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet :D

    Btw I wanna see Harry Potter too!!

  4. Just wanna say that, 'U R SO BEAUTIFUL!'

  5. Happy Birthday! You forgot to invite me to your birthday :) which you should have. Hope it went well.


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