Banh Hoy

There was a gathering at Bang Phea's house for some occasion yet to be revealed ;) We planned to execute the plan before lunch; however, unable to do so due to our usual habit lolz...

We had Banh Hoy. I tell you, I ate till I don't know. It was so delicious and I pretty much enjoyed it. Yum!

After that we stayed in and relax; later enjoyed the breezy air along the river side. It reminds me some good old times with mum and dad. How nice and modern the Takmao City was. It still is. Sometimes, I think I want a house somewhere out of the city with a little quiet moment along the river. The air is just so good. But then it reminds me of the flood that just hit Queensland. I don't know. I'll think about it haha...

Oh and later that evening, I also had Banh Hoy again. Couldn't have enough of it :D

Btw, here's just a pic of us waiting for the rest to arrive :)


  1. Nak looks very cute here! A house by the river is cool!

    What is that secret?


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