I was late to work, as usual. I grabbed myself a cup of cappuccino and croissant before heading to my office. I had it at my desk while reading emails and checking my to-do list. There are just so many things to do. Everything is needed to be done by today; but I couldn't. Dump! I still have two more left undone from my today to-do list and there are three more in my tomorrow to do list. I don't know what 14hours would bring me by the time I reach the office.

Anyway, I was heading nowhere when I left the office. My sis was gone to school. My brother had friends gathering. My cousin was at her sister house. And my super fiance was dinning with his boss. Waited. Waited. I decided to go home.

Bang Phoung called. No more gathering. Nak bang leave her school. She came with her two goodies friends. We dined at Le Seoul. Yum!

Here are some shots:


  1. Oh man, hectic and you end up with good food. Fair enough! hahahaha


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