In need of one. Anybody free to just sit and listen to me saying nothing? I doubt that.

These few days, I suddenly feel odd and scared for no reason. I tried questioning myself and what I got was No, it isn't so. Probably, the fact that everybody else is busy doing their own things make me feel lonely. One, we no longer sit and talk till late at night anymore. Two, we no longer eat together in one table. Three, I just don't have the gut to ask for a celebration. Honestly, holding one house together is one tough job. I have to admit, I'm lucky having mum doing it all a long.

I guess I need mum to come back and complain. The house is too quiet now. I have more time talking to my own thought than to listen to all her problems. It was kinda troublesome; but now I need it badly :(


  1. Yeah, we never realize until it is gone. Anyway, she's going back soon and us all here is going miss her alot, especially Dominance!


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