I spent half day sleeping, had lunch with my fiance, then off we went to pick his cousins. A friend gave them this free admission to try the swimming pool (and more) at The Place. So we brought them there and waited at the Cafe shop. While the other two were swimming, I, my fiance and his cousin spent the afternoon chit chatting about just anything. I pretty much enjoyed it :)

Later, we went shopping. Yay! I got another dress from Axara. Thanks my beloved fiance (i know, this is typical word when we girls get sth from our man haha..) and then we went to dine at Korean BBQ (sovanna shopping mall).

Coincidentally, Lena (my cousin) and her friend were there. That's how I got these shots ;)

Right after, we all headed home to get ready for our Monday.


  1. Nak is outstanding with his bright t-shirt. kekeke Nice couple photo!

    PS I love getting thing from men. hahaha

  2. That's my gift for his birthday. Nothing fancy since he seems to have everything but a working bag that could cost half my salary lolz

    PS: Oh yeah! We sure do!


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