Still on Holiday

I had an extra one day off while most already are gone back to their usual position. Taking the chance, I spent it wisely on left over work that I should have but haven't finished weeks ago. One, I went to Nokia center to have the E71 fix. Something stupid that came up was the phone is unable to send SMS. And it's the only thing that I use most out of the phone. Yep, I have it brought to Nokia Care Center (near Intercontinental Hotel) and left to SereyMongkol afterward. The Photo Album came out with wrong name for the groom. How stupid is that? Yep yep, I went in to have them redo the work and to confirm me picking up the DVD tomorrow evening. That's my second work. And the third is to relax myself with a cup of cappuccino. Lucky enough, my niece came along to company me while waiting for my fiance. I also had Chocolate Marble Bread, my all time favorite choice out of Brown Menu. I didn't take a shot though; yet, I have few shots of each of us :)

After an hour plus, I decided to be parted. I went to PBC to get myself a Canvas Duck for painting before dropping Bee at her house. And finally I arrived home at 6.45. My brother already had dinner and so I quickly went for mine while he was reading news just to accompany me. THE END.


  1. i miss coffee! you two go red eh? nak looks like tov kea ... haha


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